Trails 1 thru 4

Intermediate level (approx. 1.5 miles)
These trails are more technical than most of the other trails. They have small hills and many quick switchbacks. A hill connects sections 2 and 3. The trailhead is located across from the Soccer fields, which is about 0.25 of a mile from the Pool and from the Put-Put golf on Birchwood Dr. Look for a 'No Dumping' sign and an orange dot on the ground on the left (woods) side of the road. The trail is marked with orange dots and directional arrows on trees.

West River Beginner level (approx. 0.5 miles)
This trail connects 1 thru 4 to the North side.

The easiest way to get to the trailhead is if ...errrr..... when you finish Section 4, go straight (follow trail) to the tree with the big "N" and left arrow (this marks the trailhead).

North Loop
Intermediate level (approx. 1.7 miles)

This trail is a tight single track with 2 small bridge crossings. It has been described as "A bunch of fun." The trail starts with a short, steep hill climb. Enjoy! The trailhead is located near the end of the West River trail. After exiting the West River trail, an orange dot is on the ground across the street. This marks the North loop trailhead.

East River
Beginner level (approx. 0.5 miles)

This trail connects the North Loop to the Golf Range trail.The East River trailhead is best described relative to the finish of the North Loop. After completing the North Loop, make a left and look across the street for an orange dot. Go up the hill and make a right when you reach the top.The East River trail is comprised of two segments. When you finish the first segment, you will be on a dirt road (no cars). After bearing to the right on the dirt road, follow it for about .2 miles and go straight into the woods for the second segment of the East River trail.

Driving Range
Beginner level (approx. 1 mile)
This trail is a tight, quick single track.The trailhead is located near the finish of the East River trail (maybe that's why this one is listed after East River). When you finish the East River trail, make a left onto the street and ride for about 0.2 miles. When you see an orange dot on the ground on the right side of road, you've located the Golf Range trailhead!

The Driving Range has an area where it may be difficult to figure out which way the trail goes. While in the woods at top of the biggest hill on this trail, you must go left (not straight).

Probert Rd.
Intermediate level (approx. 1.5 miles)

This trail is a tight single track. It has some neat steep climbs, but they can be avoided via the bypass.To find the Probert Rd. trailhead, make a left onto the road after finishing the Driving Range trail (are you getting the idea that we want you to enjoy all our trails yet?). Go straight thru the intersection and look for an orange dot on right side road, which marks the Probert Rd. trailhead.

Hedge Row
Beginner level (approx. 0.3 mile.)

This is a light, hilly connection (with some moguls for fun) between the Probert Rd. and Museum Loop trails.Now that you've done the Probert Rd. trail, it's time for Hedge Row! Make a left onto the street after completing Probert St. This will take you back toward the exit out of the Golf range trail ( if you already knew that, you have good orienteering skills!). Look on the left side of the street for an orange dot on the ground and a big rock. These icons mark the Hedge Row trailhead.

Museum Loop
Beginner level (approx. 1 mile)

This is a tight single track, with some (or lotsa depending upon point of view) roots at the beginning.You guessed it. The Museum Loop trailhead is somewhat near the finish of Hedge Row. When you come out of the Hedge Row trail, you will be in a field. Cross the field to the road and go left (on the road). The road ends (about 0.2 miles) in a T with another road. Cross the cross road across the grass into the woods (if you're not too cross to ride).

School House
Intermediate level (approx. 1.5 miles.)
This trail is a fast single track, with small quick roller coaster hills near its end.(A slight orienteering challenge to find this trailhead if there aren't any track marks). When you leave the Museum Loop, make a right on the street and ride to the next intersection. Cross the intersection to the field and follow the track marks until you get to the School House trailhead at the edge of the woods.

Tunnel Loop
Beginner level (approx. 1.5 miles)

This trail is very flat and curvy. When you finish the School House section there will be a tree with "tunnel" painted on it. Make a left at the "tunnel" tree (still in the woods). Go down the short hill and thru the tunnel. On other side of the tunnel, stay to the left and follow the trail into the woods. If you go straight, the trail goes out of the woods. The trail finishes back at the same tunnel. Your options are to go back thru the tunnel and back to the open field, or make a left and go thru the tall grass. After the tall grass, you will pass a picnic area and head toward the golf course.

Follow the road to the right to the intersection at the entrance of the park. Now .... FIND YOUR CAR :)


  • The Ella Sharp trail system doesn't have any POTO type hills, but if you ride all sections, you will have a good ride and workout.
  • Remember, as complicated as the directions may sound, you can't get lost, because you are in a city park. (Honest, you just can't.)
  • There will be orange dots and markings to help you find your way.

For more info on current trail conditions call (517) 789-7533 (24hrs)