Promoting Cycling in Jackson, Michigan
and the Surrounding Area.


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General Info

Jackson is fortunate to have a system of local trails within Ella Sharp Park, a popular city park in the middle of the city. In addition to the trails, the park also has softball diamonds, soccer fields, a public pool, a miniature golf, and a driving range. There is also a museum with a restaurant on the grounds.

The main entrance to the park is on Fourth St., on the east side of the street. The main entrance is across the street from Ella Sharp Park Municipal Golf Course. Just north of the entrance, and on the other side of the street, is Park Side Junior High School. Alpine Lake Apartments are to the north of the Park entrance. Using city streets, it is also possible to enter the park at other locations, including from S. Jackson St., Probert Rd., and Stonewall Rd.

About the Trails
The trails provide people in the Jackson area with opportunities for fitness, recreation, and enjoyment. There are 9 separate trails. These trails are suitable for mountain biking, running or hiking. There is approximately 11.5 miles of single track cut into the woods of the Park.

Finding Your Way--Locating Trailheads
Trails are well distributed throughout the park. To assist you to locate trials, trailheads are marked by signs. As you travel on the trails, you will notice orange paint (usually) on trees or other landmarks so you can follow the trails.

Finding Your Way--Trails Map & Trails Description
 You may ride any trails you like in whatever sequence you choose. It is possible to begin at one trail and continue with them all in a continuous loop. (Provides a pretty good workout.) To view a map showing all of the trails, click on the image to the left. Trails are indicated on the map so
                                                                                                                     you can reference them on the Trails Description page.

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